North 1 Target Area

The North One Target is situated immediately east of Deep Well. North One is blanketed by areas of in-situ regolith cut by transported cover to the north and east.

Bedrock geology is interpreted as mafic-ultramafic greenstones to the northwest and a large monzogranite to the southeast. The North One Target is crossed in the eastern part by the north–south-trending Castlemaine Fault Zone.

North 1 Target Area


North 1 - 5 TOTK Target Area

Field work along the 28km long Castlemaine Fault Identified:
Narrow +100m long outcropping, laminated quartz vein with an epithermal gold signature.

Significant rockchip results:
135 g/t Au, 1,220 g/t Ag, 0.66 g/t Te
101g/t Au, 548g/t Ag & 1.26g/t Te
61.8g/t Au, 507g/t Ag & 2.06g/t Te
22.5g/t Au, 57.8g/t Ag & 0.34g/t Te
14.9g/t Au, 27.8g/t Ag & 0.13g/t Te

Deep Ground Penetrating RADAR work in 2020 identified

An altered stockwork like Vein over a strike length of +500m @ ~50m below the surface.

North 1 Target Area